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Soul Ruins History

(Thanks to Alucard for this History Document)

The Soul Ruins - A Planet surrounded by 2 planets, 2 moons, and 1 star.

Creation of the planet - Currently unknown, the recent inhabitants all seem to be advanced races that utilize numerous accounts of weaponry and heretic forms of witchcraft, wizardry, and exercise a deeply diplomatic system of anarchy where the so-called Immortals run all of the lands, a religious cult one might call it.

General Geography - This large planet consists of deep ravines, vast bodies of water, endless amounts of forest and wooded area, with the entire northern region being secluded by ominous mountains and scorching deserts. It is well noted that many of the habitants of this planet live around the wooded area where a main town of commerce known as Oakwood lies. Oakwood is a key part to the history of this planet because a grouping of the most feared warriors, and most wanted prophets, and so forth can all be found
amidst the many who crowd around looking for that reason to live to the  next day.

Religion - The planet itself strives on much on folklore and general beings who claim to be immortal. These so-called Immortals are greatly
feared by the general commoner, however those who dare strike against the reign of these beings will meet an uncertain fate which has been proven
many of time throughout the years. It is said that these immortals can easily twist fate as the use their endless prowess to resurrect the dead, slay the pitiful, bring glory to heroic, abolish the unlawful foes, and bestow each of their followers special gifts that are contained deep in side of that follower until death do them part. It is said that the power of these deities can even stretch out to the afterlife itself aiding one back into the realm of the living, the excitant, the hell on heart so it seems.

General Organizations - Many 'factions' exist throughout the world known as the Soul Ruins. If one leads the peaceful life of a mere friend of all men they may enlist to join orders. Orders house the many who rather be diplomatic than a brute with a large sword. It seems that the Orders also have a certain purpose, one that is to train the members not only in certain crafty abilities, but a deep wit that comes straight from their quick talk. Also within the realms lie the deadly Clans. These off-balance factions house the many corrupted beings of the world. Everything from thieves, assassins, general scum, murderers, and bounty hunters flock to these clans to show off their talents and try to join. When joining a clan one is considered a brother of the clan, if anything should happen...say a petty theft or killing of a fellow member the guilty will be sent to a personal trial organized by the clan, and may face a death sentence. Finally, the last of the factions, includes the most helpful of all of them, Guilds. Guilds were devised to help the common outlanders, fresh beings (newbie's), or the plain unknowing to learn the basics of the world and train in whatever art they are currently mastering.

Current Issues - It seems that a race of talents and skills have sent many strong-minded beings into war with each other. The dragons, who have now formed their own numerous cults, seek out to destroy the humanoid races without showing a bit of mercy. The smaller races such as the pixie and sprite have also been having issues with the sacred Dark Elves, Drow, who have been slaughtering them in masses for magical uses. It is said that this distraught is leading the world into a war that is prophesied to end all wars. That day will soon be drawing near.

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