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Recent Changes - 11/09/2009

I wanted to go ahead and share a bit of what has been happening with TSR lately. I have been steady making improvements to the MUD and you can enjoy them now.

Two major additions are the new automap and compass features. These were derived from snippets and I believe they work quite nicely in TSR. I was also able to address one of the things that concerns me most when it comes to delivering an enjoyable experience to the players of TSR. This would be in the area of bandwidth usage and speed. In that persuit I implemented a great protocol that has really come to prominence since the creation of TSR and that is compression through the MCCP protocol. If you are using a client with compression capability the protocol will now be enabled when you log onto the MUD. This protocol decreases bandwidth usage by a huge amount and should make the MUD a better experience for anyone with limited bandwidth as well as lightening my own bandwidth load.

Probably one of the most important things that has happened recently is that of the new domain. I deciced that TSR needs a dedicated domain so I purchased the domain soulruins.com. Now the site and the MUD are accessible using this domain. It is still accessible with the old addresses but I hope everyone will update their bookmarks and change their MUD client configurations to use the new domain. Along with the change in domain the e-mail addresses for administration have also changed. You can now e-mail me at: mwoodj@soulruins.com

I encourage anyone that is interested in a staff position to send an application to applications@soulruins.com. Please include the position you are applying for, what codebases you are familiar with, what MUDs you have previously worked on, and (if possible) where some examples of your work can be viewed.

Thanks for coming and I hope you enjoy your stay within The Soul Ruins!

- HyperEye


The Soul Ruins Still Lives - 09/23/2009

It has been 6 years since this site has been updated. Similarly, the MUD has seen little action since sometime between 2005 and 2006. During that time TSR has remained online and available for play. Unfortunately most of the players of old have moved on. That doesn't mean this MUD is ready to close. It simply means we are ready for new players as well as the return of our old players. The MUD has been open since 2000 and it will continue to run for the foreseeable future.

In the recent months I have been very active on The Soul Ruins. I have implemented new features, fixed errors in zones throughout the MUD, and have been actively involved in the MUD community in order to familiarize myself with current MUD technology and features. I have many new ideas for TSR and I am ready to get to work. I will not change the MUD in any way that compromises the uniqueness of TSR but I believe there is a lot I can do to expand on what is already there and make it even better. In this endeavor I will be looking for a new staff. You are welcome to login and request an interview. I also encourage players to try the game. You may fall in love with it as many others did in the past. When you come online say hello to one of our oldest and most active players Attis. He will be happy to give you pointers and you may even get the chance to hunt gear with him should you reach max level.

While Dace did a great job with this site it is time for a new one. So I will be building a new site soon. I will also post more info about the current state of the MUD, the new features, the goals and new direction of development, and other news within the next few days.

Thanks for coming and I hope you enjoy your stay within The Soul Ruins!

- HyperEye


Dev Port News - 01/30/2003

Ok I just got a time for the change-over. It will be 12am, so that makes the date February 1, 2003. (Time is Eastern Standard Time)

- dace


Dev Port News - 01/28/2003

Just The Dev port will be crossed over to the main port on Friday, January 31, 2003. I will get a time ASAP, so you can be there when it changes over.

- dace


New Website - 01/28/2003

Just finished a brand spanking new website. I feel as if this site is 100x better than my old one... made in 2001. (heh) If you have and questions and or comments about the new page, please direct them to dace @ seanpm@telus.net. Send me any content you wish to be on here as well, and LINKS. .peace.

- dace


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